Gloss Gallery is dedicated to the development of lifestyle brands. We support emerging designers. Through our network, we have developed possibilities for designers to get access to EU market through fashion fairs in Amsterdam and in London.

Fashion Fair participation

We understand the exaggerated costs for young designers to participate at the international fashion fairs of Amsterdam, London and Paris. There for we have developed a special proposal for designers to have a representation by Gloss Gallery at the fairs, while strongly reducing the participation cost.
Feel free to contact us to know more about the international fairs participation opportunities.

3-steps program

Some information about the program:
We have developed a special program that consists of thr ee main steps:
– Two days trip to Amsterdam ModeFabriek or London Pure Fashion Fair
– Business fashion training in Tel Aviv
– Participation at ModeFabriek with a group / individual booth

The fashion company that has decided to participate at the introduction program to the EU market will be guided through main 3 steps, specially designed to help the company to succeed at their process of getting to the European market.
Purpose of the program is to provide a clear picture of the functionality of Dutch / EU fashion market, understand the business stages that necessary to undertake to extend to the new European markets, and finally to prepare for the fashion brand to participate at the Fashion Festivals in Amsterdam or/and in London.

Gloss Gallery represents: