Gloss Gallery together with art director Alexey Shifman and art curator Marth von Loeben has developed a special approach of individual curatorial career growth dedicated to foster your artistic and career development.

Our approach is intended to grow your talent, reach new possibilities at your selected media and have public exposure during exhibitions and festivals.

The program is intended for the period minimum four (4) month till one year and even more.

Art Career Curation approach has target:

  • Develop your own exhibition (group or solo exhibition)
  • Personal curatorial support of the work development
  • Art statement development
  • Your participation in international exhibitions, art fairs and festivals


You will receive the new knowledge of:

  • How to curate your works
  • How to develop artistically further
  • How to build the exhibition
  • How to grow your network
  • How to reach your goals
  • How to develop your artistic name and recognition
  • How to apply for funds and grants
  • How to manage your career

To start the program you will have a meeting by Skype or in person to understand your ambitions, current situation and what do you expect to achieve while working with us. Based on your introduction interview we will provide you with the individual program designed especially for your goals.

The work at the program means that not only gallery and art curator are working for you but yourself are the active participant. During our meetings, you will have a personal training and tasks that you must to fulfill to move forward. The tasks are dedicated to bringing you to your goals like an exhibition. Based on your result together with you, we will proceed with your exhibition planning in galleries, art centers,and festivals.

With our program, we guarantee your participation at festivals and gallery exhibitions, press cover, development of stronger art statement that will propel your artistic growth further to the new heights.


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