What is Gloss Gallery?

Hello everyone!

I’m Tatiana. I’m the owner of Gloss Gallery. The gallery is located in the heart of Tel Aviv and open for public every day.

What is Gloss Gallery? Why did I open it?

About two years ago I have started to work in RAW Streetphoto Gallery, Rotterdam, the Netherlands). I was mostly engaged in social media. I was learning this part of business. Now RAW Streetphoto Gallery is one of best-known galleries of Rotterdam.

At the same time, I have started to work in a jewelry store in Israel. This job has brought me so much joy. I was so excited to see happy and beautiful people and the clients were coming back to me every time. It was always so inspiring.

I wanted to do something more active, probably even more useful. I wanted to combine two areas that touch my heart: art and jewelry. I used to go to jewelry fairs as a child. It was so fascinating for me. I still remember it. I got the idea that I could make a living running a gallery, lifestyle gallery. It is dedicated to unite photography, jewelry, fashion and design into one creative international artistic space.
It was a hard challenge for me. It was also mysterious, because I have never worked in a gallery.
It became possible with Alexey. He is our best idea’s generator and art curator!

With big support and love of our family we did it. We created the stunning space that everyone should visit.
It’s still challenge and learning process. I’m so excited and optimistic. So much ahead!
if you are an artist, photographer, jewelry designer or you just love and collect art or jewelry, I invite you to our gallery. Come! I’m always glad to meet new people.

If you are interested in collaborations, send us email as well: inforawgloss@gmail.com

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