Exhibition of Luis Xertu

Exhibition of Luis Xertu | August 2018

The work of Luis Xertu found its space at the crosspoint of theater, dance and digital media. The simultaneous professional development within these three artistic environments has allowed him to explore many different mediums including contemporary dance, performance art, and video, often in collaboration with other artists.


The language he uses is uncomplicated yet poetic. Xertu believes in work that can be self-contained, understood regardless of its context or the knowledge of the viewer. His explorations go into the subtleties of human perception, while avoiding mainstream communication tools that rely on immediate impressions, friction or shock.

Gloss Gallery, Tel Aviv | Exhibition of Luis Xertu
Gloss Gallery | Exhibition of Luis Xertu

A prevalent recurrence throughout his work are the themes of death and decay, as physical manifestations of the temporality of all things as well as processes of transformation. Time, the existential ingredient of these themes, is instrumental in his work, whether it refers to a painting that evolves throughout a year, a video where time is frozen, or a photograph where two points in time are displayed simultaneously. Just as changing light can create focus in theater, playing with time can have the same effect in other mediums.

As a result of his play with time, the work of Luis Xertu is full of anachronisms. Images that come from unclear times, printed in paper that appears aged and decayed.

The work we exhibit shows two different sides of one period of his life. The hyper-digital dance photography refers to the theatrical stage in which he developed his career, which apeals to a more design driven form of thinking. The other side is that of the organic everyday life behind the stage, where intimacy is the main focus point of the work.

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