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Eden Mitsenmacher (NL) & Ferd von Brennen (IL)

6 April – 29 April

Eden & Ferd Exhibition
Gloss Gallery is pleased to announce “MOTHERS FROM WIRES” – a duet show by multimedia artists Eden Mitsenmacher (Rotterdam) and Ferd von Brennen (Tel Aviv). The show’s title derives from psychologist Harry Harlow’s macabre experiments, in which infant monkeys were separated from their mothers and forced to choose between two dummy-mothers: a wool yet milkless one, or a milk-giving mother made of barbed wire.

The show presents an array of digital works. Each in its own specific way echos Harlow’s experiments: a living being’s fundamental call for warmth, shelter, affection and connection with other living beings.

In “Someone like you” Mitsenmacher presents the animated image of a tender hand holding up a beautiful white rose. Behind the arm a screen-saver-like background of dashing vibrant colors presents a brilliant collage of fireworks and flashing fields of light. Accompanying these popishly sweet instagram-like images is a soundtrack. In it Adele’s iconic pop song ‘Someone like you’ plays and the artist’s own voice affably fails to sing along to the track.

Von Brennen’s “Come” is a video depicting flames endlessly devouring a floral pattern derived from bed sheets. This work will be presented as a part of a site-specific installation which will integrate with the specific characteristics of Gloss gallery’s space, converting it into a multi-channeled constellation of visions, ranging from nature to culture to terrifying inferno.

In our current era of transition into the realm of the digital, where the border between touches and screens is blurrier than ever before, two artists daringly stare deep into the abyss and plead for human contact.

Curated by Yonatan Ullman

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